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Sam RobertsSam Roberts Certified

Sam Roberts is an executive coach and workshop leader for Barnes & Conti Associates, based in Berkeley, CA. His primary interests reside in the fields of leadership presence, effective influence, and social innovation. Sam holds a masters degree in Organizational Psychology from Golden Gate University, and a graduate level certificate in Integral Theory from John F. Kennedy University. Sam's interest in leadership and organizational development began in the biofuel industry, and although he does not work exclusively in this sector, he sees Green Business and Technology as one of the most important issues of his generation. In addition to green technology businesses, Sam has worked within a cross-section of industries and companies including Cisco, Eli Lilly, Tyco Electronics, Kaiser, NetApp, Abbott Labs, Cnet, and Medtronic Corporation. Lectical Assessments are a key part of his practice. more

"I am a consultant, executive coach, and trainer, and Lectical Assessments are an important part of my practice. I use them as tools to guide my coaching work with executives and managers and as a way to measure my own effectiveness over time. While no single assessment is capable of giving a comprehensive measurement of every dimension of a human being, I find that Lectical Assessments provide salient, practical, and effective feedback that is simultaneously supportive and challenging. My clients appreciate how these assessments fold seamlessly into the work we do. They have proven to be an important part of building more sustainable and effective leadership."

“BridgetBridget Blackford (Australia, 2020) Certified

Bridget is an organisation development consultant and executive coach with a wealth of experience in the design and delivery of business transformation, performance improvement and leadership development programs. She's passionate about supporting leaders, teams and organisations to build capability, strengthen leadership and develop and maintain high performance in an age of increasing complexity and constant change. Her clients value her systemic perspective, her creative yet practical solutions and her ability to facilitate meaningful processes for individuals, teams and organisations to explore and understand the critical elements of cultural and behavioural change. Bridget holds a MSc in Global Politics and is an accredited International Coaching Federation (ICF) coach and Time to Think Facilitator and Thinking Partner.

Zachary Van Rossum

CertifiedZachary Van Rossum

Zachary Van Rossum, Ph.D. is an educator, researcher, consultant and coach. His expertise is in developmental psychology, organizational learning, and instructional design. He holds a doctorate in Adult Learning and Leadership from Teachers College, Columbia University, and a masters degree in contemplative psychology from Harvard Divinity School. Zachary is a certified Lectical Analyst and has extensive experience working with LectaTests for both research and educational purposes. He is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Teachers College, Columbia University where he teaches courses on leadership and adult development. He has also done consulting work in a variety of companies and organizations, both in the US and abroad, including Ketchum, Teach for America, People and Nature Trust (Botswana), Harvard University, and the University of Milan. Zachary has been a Master Certified Lectical Coach since 2013.

John OliverJohn Oliver Certified

John Oliver is a researcher and consultant with expertise in organizational development, learning, and strategy. He holds an MBA with honors from EDHEC, France and a Bachelor's degree in engineering from Brunel University, London UK. John has lived and worked internationally for overseas aid projects in Ghana and Nepal, and in the telecoms / high-tech sectors in the USA, France, and UK. In 2009, John co-founded the consultancy associates network, Human-Equity, in London and Paris. Human Equity's particular focus is the investor-entrepreneur relationship. John is a visiting lecturer in organisational development at the IGS University in Toulouse, France, and his industry clients include Ericsson, France Telecom, British Telecom, Airbus, and the European Commission. Passionate about integrating the sciences and humanities in organizational studies, John has collated case study research and interviews with CEOs and authors around the globe at the website Organization5point0. John has been an Associate Certified Lectical Coach since 2015.

Jonathan ReamsJonathan Reams Certified

Jonathan Reams, Ph.D. practices the cultivation of leadership through awareness-based consulting, coaching, and leadership development program design and delivery in a variety of settings. He holds a position at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), serves as Editor-in Chief of Integral Review, and is a co-founder of the Center for Transformative Leadership and of the European Center for Leadership Practice. He brings awareness based leadership development practices to his work, focusing on how the inner workings of human nature can develop leadership capacities for today’s complex challenges. more

Jonathan’s Ph.D. (2002) is in Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University, where he researched the intersection of consciousness development with leadership. Since then he has combined teaching, research and practice in this area through program design and delivery as well as coaching and consulting. He teaches courses at NTNU on coaching, leadership development and counseling, and has presented at international conferences on topics such as leadership development, consciousness research, and transformative learning.

I am currently using Lectical assessments in a number of settings and plan to integrate them more into my work in the future. They enable powerful learning and development opportunities for clients and students alike. I find the learning I gain from all of my engagements with Lectica and its assessments to be addictive and highly aligned with my passion, purpose and orientation to the world.

Mike JayMike Jay

Mike Jay has been a professional business coach, consultant, and entrepreneur for more than forty years. An award-winning U.S. Marine and collegiate athlete, he initially parlayed his leadership experience into agribusiness innovation, and subsequently, management in medicine, hospitality, and business services. Mike has served business leaders in more than twenty-seven countries and in many companies, including Bharat Petroleum, Central Bank of Indonesia, Coca-Cola, Exxon, Ford, General Dynamics, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Hewlett Packard, Vodaphone, and UGS. more

I've worked with the LDMA for almost as long as it's been around, testing hundreds of leaders in more than 6 different cultures, and if you said, “Mike, go to the moon, you can only take one thing” I’d take the LDMA. Clearly, the LDMA helps us hold candid, transparent, DIFFICULT, yet generative conversations with leaders about where they are and where they are going. If I could, I would buy the company. Dr. Dawson has bent over backwards to help us in situations around the globe and her staff has ramped up to satisfy our toughest requirements my work in more than 27 countries can't happen without them thank you Lectica!

“BrendanBrendan Smith (Australia, 2020) Certified

Brendan Smith Ph.D. is a registered Psychologist in Australia, a qualified executive coach and facilitator who works with leaders to provide focus and unlock potential. He has over Twenty years of experience in Private and Public Sectors with a background in Business Transformation and Developmental Coaching. Along with his colleagues and the Lectica community, Brendan is at the forefront of applying developmental coaching and collaborative practices to create more responsive and resilient teams and organizations. He is a sought-after key-note speaker on culture and complexity and a Director on a number of not-for profit Boards.

“KristianKristian Merckoll Certified

In addition to being a Certified Associate Lectical Coach, Kristian is a Certified Integral Master Coach. His interest in coaching and vertical development was originally sparked by studying Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory, which was the subject of his research at Fielding University. In addition to having a deep interest in Integral Metatheory and vertical development, Kristian is an ordained Zen priest in the Rinzai order of Hollow Bones. He is particularly interested in exploring and inquiring into the interplay of the different trajectories of the psycho-biological maturity of “growing up” and the psycho-spiritual dimension of “waking up.” Guiding individuals and small groups, he applies the Mondo Zen process which is designed to catalyze experiences of transpersonal states, as well as techniques for how these states can be evoked and applied in day to day life.

In addition to doing personal coaching, Mondo Zen training and co-leading Zen retreats, Kristian runs his own business as an independent consultant in statistical data analysis, holding a Master’s Degree in mathematical statistics from the University of Oslo.

“BarrettBarrett C. Brown Certified

Barrett C. Brown, Ph.D., the managing Director of Apheno Advisory, is a global expert on how to develop leaders to successfully navigate complex challenges and rapid change. He works across six continents with C-suite executives and leaders from Fortune 500 companies and international non-profits. Barrett serves as the executive coach for a select group of senior leaders and has delivered dozens of keynotes and leadership programs for 5000+ CEOs, organizational leaders, and government officials. He holds a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems and also has a decade advising on and leading strategic visioning, execution, and change initiatives for US, Dutch, British, and Brazilian companies and institutions.

His award-winning research on the future of leadership is used in executive education programs worldwide, including the Yale MBA. The author of dozens of articles, his writings on leadership, sustainability, and whole systems change have been translated into 6 languages and are used in the United Nations system. Barrett is on the selection committee of the Katerva Awards, considered the Nobel Prize for sustainability. He has held consultancy status to the United Nations, and has delivered leadership briefings and presentations at the Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit, UNDP headquarters, the US Department of State, and the Inter-American Development Bank. Originally from the Green Mountains of Vermont, Barrett lives with his wife Rita and their daughter Sophia on the flanks of Mount Tamalpais, north of San Francisco. He can be reached at bbrown@apheno.com. Barrett has been an Associate Certified Lectical Coach since 2015.

“MarkMark Keily (Australia, 2016) Certified

Mark is a director and shareholder in Cornerstone Integral, a leading Integrally informed consulting organization. As an organisation and leadership development strategist with over 35 years of experience within various industry sectors—public sector, manufacturing, FMCG, wholesaling and distribution, retailing, civil construction, and industrial services—Mark has journeyed through the rich landscape of development theories and practices as they have emerged over the past three decades.

An “inquisitive acquirer” Mark’s practice has been informed by many thought leaders including Robert Kegan, Peter Senge, Edward de Bono, Elliott Jaques, Hersey and Blanchard, David Kolb, Ken Wilbur, Dr. Theo Dawson, Nancy Kline and many more. An experienced program designer and facilitator, Mark has deep experience in delivering a range of organisational interventions relating to capability building, cultural change, leadership development, project and program management, performance and organisational design. more

Mark holds graduate and post graduate qualifications in Applied Economics, Organisational Behaviour, and Adult Development. He is also a highly trained, coach, counsellor and trainer, accredited to use Lectica development tools and Thinking Environment techniques. He is proud to be a member of the Lectica Alumni having graduated from the Lectical Assessment in Practice, and Clinical Lectical Interviewing programs.

Mark prides himself on his deep motivation to continue to learn and feels privileged that his rich network links him with thought leaders including the members and alumni of the Lectica organisation, Thinking Environment Collegiate and the rich experience and knowledge of his fellow Cornerstone Integral colleagues.

“DeborahDeborah Pascoe (Australia, 2020) Certified

Deborah has over 2 decades of consulting experience. Prior to that she spent over 10 years as an employee in a large, multinational organisation in a variety of market and business management roles. The latter part of her employment there involved moving the organisation forward in its philosophy and framework for sustainable business improvement. Deborah's diversity of roles brings to her work a high degree of business credibility underpinned with a passion for people development and growth.

Organisations can be demanding at best, brutal at worst. Deborah knows first hand how tough it is to be a leader in organisational life. As such, she is passionate about helping organisations create positive, stimulating environments where people can be the best that they can be because they want to be that way. She has strong values around learning and self-development and seeks to help create workplaces where people can reach their potential. more

Deborah (MAppSc) is a member of ISPSO (the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organisations and GRA (Group Relations Australia). She has presented and facilitated at international conferences and has published in the peer reviewed journal Socioanalysis.

“KellieKellie Stirling Certified

Kellie is an accomplished Executive Coach, Leadership and Organisational Development Consultant. Kellie is passionate about helping individuals continue to grow and learn in all aspects of their life and to learn to work more effectively with others. She loves change and is particularly fascinated by disruption and emergence in organisational life. Kellie loves to help organisations transform their Leadership and Culture so that they are customer focussed and may continue to thrive.

Kellie’s vast experience in organisational development, leadership development and executive coaching has been developed in executive roles with global responsibility for leadership and executive development in large blue chip organisations and top tier consulting firms. In these roles Kellie was instrumental in designing and driving strategies to enhance business performance and attract and retain talent. more

As a coach, Kellie focuses on helping leaders transform their leadership to work more effectively with greater levels of complexity and to drive delivery. Kellie has a deep theoretical understanding of how adults develop and she implements this practice in a very pragmatic way.

An environmentally astute and collaborative performer, Kellie understands the demands and diversity of needs within senior executive teams and stakeholder groups. Both dynamic and authentic, her wealth of experience across multiple industries makes her a passionate and unique expert in her professional field. She holds a Bachelor of Business and a Master of Applied Commerce - Organisational Change.

Michelle GibbingsMichelle Gibbings Certified

Michelle is a recognised expert in organisational complexity, and Author of 'Step Up—How to Build your Influence at Work'. Her work lives at the crux of understanding, architecting and leveraging change.

Obsessed with unlocking high-impact choices to accelerate meaningful progress, Michelle is enabling a new breed of leader - one that is fit for the future of work.

Through her passion and advocacy for a new approach, Michelle has built a distinguished reputation across the Asia-Pacific region as the keynote speaker, advisor, facilitator and executive mentor of choice for many leading edge corporates and global organisations. She has more than twenty years of senior executive experience across multiple industries.

Michelle has Undergraduate Degrees in Communications and Commerce, a Masters in International Trade, and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

“RebeccaRebecca Andree Certified

Becky Andree, Ph.D. Candidate, is founder and CEO of Vertical Leadership Consulting; a team of developmental consultants who draw on cutting-edge research to build practical and effective ways to integrate vertical development into HR practices (recruitment, succession planning, leadership development, learning initiatives, etc.). Becky has 20+ years experience nudging and embedding vertical development into global Talent Management programs and initiatives. She is a respected Talent Management disrupter and visionary whose Leadership Development programs have been used in Fortune 500 companies, translated into 13 languages, and delivered in 19 countries to over 10,000 leaders. Becky is finishing a PhD in Human Development exploring the relationship between vertical development levels (Lectical Level) and experiences of high-quality connections.

To engage with VLC and learn more—contact us!

Sandra HillJoel RothaizerSandra Hill and Joel Rothaizer Certified

Dr. Sandra L. Hill & Dr. Joel M. Rothaizer of Clear Impact Consulting Group, Inc. have over 60 years of combined experience working with organizations and the people within them. Their focus is on organizational consulting, executive coaching, and leadership development. Their clients have included AT&T Bell Laboratories, the Government of Canada, Cisco Systems, General Electric, IBM, Lucent Technologies, HSBC, Ledcor, ADP, the Province of Alberta, Mellon, StorageTek, PeopleSoft, Los Alamos National Labs, Skidmore Owings and Merrill, Hagemeyer, Sanofi-Aventis, and the World Bank. Joel and Sandra have been Associate Certified Lectical Coaches since 2015. more

"In 2011, after an international competition, we were awarded the contract to provide leadership development to the top 800 leaders of a large municipality. In our response to the RFP we presented what we saw as the leading edge of our field: a developmentally-informed curriculum designed to increase participants’ ability to deal effectively with increasing levels of complexity, ambiguity, and rapid change. We incorporated the Lectical assessments of DTS because we saw them as the gold standard of developmental assessment.

We are now about half way through the contract. We are using the Lectical Assessments in many ways. (1) We use the LDMA (leadership decision making) as a pre-post measure. Participants also take the LDMA Journal twice during the nine months, four other Lectical assessments are taken once—the LSUA (self understanding), LLRA (leadership reasoning), LRJA (reflective judgment/critical thinking), and LERA (ethical reasoning). All of these assessments provide diagnostic information about the learning needs of individual participants, group-level data that help us to tailor our curriculum to the needs of each group of participants, and informaiton about the extent to which participants are integrating different aspects of the curriculum.

We are very pleased that we selected DTS as our partner for this Leadership Effectiveness Initiative. In addition to the quality of their assessments, we have been impressed by their continual upgrading of the “dashboard$rdquo; that lets us look at data from different perspectives, and, perhaps more importantly, with the care, integrity and professionalism they exhibit in all of our interactions. We’d be happy to speak to anyone considering partnering with DTS and using the Lectical assessments."

Thomas HancilThomas Hancil Certified

Tomas Hancil, Ph.D., is a consultant and coach from Prague, Czech republic. He is a specialist in change, focusing on the development of individual leaders and organizations. Thomas employs an interdisciplinary approach that incorporates theology, philosophy of science, and developmental psychology. This makes it possible to work closely with individuals and teams to address a wide range of ethical, systemic, and deeply personal issues. Since 2003, Tomas, a former lecturer at Charles University, has worked as a facilitator and coach with international teams across Europe and in several industries, including automotive, IT, pharma, manufacturing, and oil & gas. He is a director of Primeast, managing an office in Prague, Czech Republic. He works in English or Czech. Tomas has been an Associate Certified Lectical Coach since 2015.

Aiden ThorntonAiden Thornton Certified

Aiden M. A. Thornton (PhD Candidate), has 20 years of global experience across Australia, Asia and Europe. During this time, Aiden has worked for top tier management consulting firms, large blue chip organisations and most recently as an independent scholar-practitioner. In these roles, he has led multi-million dollar projects impacting tens-of-thousands of people on a global scale. Aiden has deep experience working at an executive level across multiple industry sectors including financial services, consumer goods, engineering, mining, telecommunications and government. His core functional expertise has been in operating models, organisational design, transformational change, people strategy, leadership development and culture. Aiden has worked with Lectica since 2013, is Certified as a Master Lectical Consultant and co-facilitates the Lectical Accreditation Program. more

Aiden has tertiary qualifications in organisational psychology, philosophy of mind and philosophy of language and is now completing an interdisciplinary PhD which lies in the intersection of human development, leadership and systems science.

Ultimately, Aiden is most passionate about creating conditions which support systemic health at all scales. For this reason, Aiden prioritises his academic and consulting work on projects which focus on building effective leadership systems. This often centres on Aiden's "core four" leadership skills: (i) self-understanding and self-regulation; (ii) trusting and collaborative relationships; (iii) making wise decisions to support systemic health; and (iv) taking values-based action.

Outside of work, Aiden is passionate about playing competition tennis, practicing yoga, researching longevity medicine and devouring insights from multiple scientific disciplines.








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