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The articles listed below describe research in which conventional assessments of content knowledge are compared with assessments of understanding and reasoning. It is clear from this research that (1) conventional assessments are not good measures of conceptual understanding, and (2) a combination of assessments of content knowledge and understanding provides better predictions of school and workplace performance than either type of assessment on its own.

If you are aware of additional articles on this topic, please let us know.

  1. von Bergmann, H., Dalrymple, K. R., Wong, S., & Shuler, C. F. (2007). Investigating the relationship between PBL process grades and content acquisition performance in a PBL dental program. Journal of Dental Education, 71, 1160-1170.
  2. Agung, S., & Schwartz, M. S. (2007). Students' understanding of conservation of matter, stoichiometry and balancing equations in Indonesia. International Journal of Science Education, 29(13), 1679-1702.
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