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How to conduct a clinical interview: Narrative discussion and video demonstration showing how to conduct a clinical cognitive-developmental interview (workplace dilemma, decision-making) go
Detailed interviewing guidelines go
Transcript excerpts go
Data collection checklist go

Audio file of Dr. Dawson explaining the interviewing process

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Audio file of Dr. Dawson interviewing Katie (television dilemma)

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Stein, Z., Dawson, T. L., & Fischer, K. W. (in press). Redesigning testing: Operationalizing the new science of learning. New science of learning: Computers, cognition and collaboration in education. go
Dawson-Tunik, T. L. (2004). “A good education is…” The development of evaluative thought across the life-span. Genetic, Social, and General Psychology Monographs, 130, 4-112. go
Dawson, T. L., & Stein, Z. (2008). Cycles of research and application in education: Learning pathways for energy concepts. Mind, Brain, & Education, 2(2), 90-103. go

Interview dilemmas

Television Dilemma (2010, CCDD project) go



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